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Buyer’s Guide

Get pre-approved.

Meet with your lender to determine how much house you can afford. This way you know what to look for and are ready to submit an offer when you find a property you like. This is especially important in a competitive market if you need to move quickly with submitting an offer.

Browse my website.

Find homes that match your search criteria. Select the properties that look interesting to you and let one of our team members know which properties you would like to see.

Tour properties.

We will set up a tour to see each of the properties you select at a time that’s convenient for you. Seeing properties in person gives you a sense of value and helps determine what features are important to you.

Make an offer.

Once you’ve found the right property, it’s time to make an offer. We will conduct a Comparative Market Analysis and recommend a price and terms to put on the offer. We will help you throughout the negotiation process to get you the best price and terms possible for the purchase.

Open escrow.

Once both parties come to an agreement on the contract, escrow and title will be opened. The date the contract is accepted becomes the “acceptance date”. Escrow will issue wire instructions to you to send the Earnest Money Deposit.


Our team will schedule property inspections and arrange any other professionals as needed. We will review the inspection reports with you and determine if the property is in satisfactory condition.

Removing contingencies.

After analyzing the inspection reports and negotiating any potential repairs, reviewing the seller’s disclosures and asking any necessary questions, it’s time to remove contingencies. The standard period is 17 days after acceptance. The lender will gather documents and order the appraisal of the property. If the property appraises and the lender gives full loan approval, then the appraisal and loan contingencies will be removed. The standard period for the appraisal is 17 days after acceptance. The standard period for the loan is 21 days after acceptance.

Loan documents.

Loan documents are sent to escrow and escrow then arranges a time for the buyers to sign. Documents are delivered back to the lender so they can prepare to fund.

Final walk-through.

The buyer has the opportunity to do a final walk-through of the house to make sure the house is in the same condition as when they made the offer, and to confirm that repairs were made if any were agreed to in a Request for Repairs during the inspection contingency period.


Buyer’s closing funds are wired to escrow. Lender’s funds for the loan are then wired to escrow.


Once all funds are in escrow, the deed is released for recording. Once recorded, escrow closes and the keys are handed over to the buyer.

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