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Protecting your property in Newport Beach with luxury home insurance


Purchasing a mansion in Newport Beach, California requires a buyer to dig deep into their pockets for this kind of investment. Once the keys to their new luxury abode are in their hands, thinking of this investment’s protection is the ideal next move to make.

This is where luxury home insurance comes in. Below is a guide on home insurance for million-dollar homes that will provide the needed information and other relevant insights to help you in determining the best course of action for protecting your Newport Beach high-end investment.



The mansion that you buy in Newport Beach, California is like no other. Apart from the fact that it’s most likely a waterfront home which is considered prime property, it also has an exemplary build made of high-quality materials that can withstand any kind of battering from the elements. It’s packed with high-end features and amenities that truly define luxury and class, even the decor commands high value. All these taken into consideration, getting standard home insurance will be not enough to provide complete coverage for your property.

For your mansion in Newport Beach, California, only luxury home insurance can ensure that in any situation, your big-budget investment is guaranteed to be covered.

Defining luxury home insurance

Luxury home insurance refers to a policy that is designed to shield high-value properties against perils, damages, and calamities.

Since these types of homes are more costly to rebuild, this particular insurance can aptly cover replacement costs. Note, though, that this type of insurance only covers the home’s replacement cost – not its market value. The replacement cost calculates the amount to rebuild the home from the ground up.

Offering broader protection, both for the home and its assets, luxury home insurance covers personal belongings, personal liability, and extra perks that standard insurance does not provide.

Luxury home insurance is best suited for:

  • Homes valued at more than $1 million
  • Multiple residences or dwellings
  • Homes with special features
  • Homes with extremely valuable items such as artworks and family heirlooms
  • Homes with increased value due to its historical heritage
  • Architecturally significant homes
  • Luxury apartments and condominiums
  • Homes constructed with expensive or rare materials

Key differences between luxury home insurance and traditional home insurance

Understanding the differences between luxury home insurance and standard home insurance will be helpful in making an informed decision.

  • While standard home insurance policies cover valuable items such as artwork, silverware, and jewelry, it puts a cap of between $1,000 and $2,000 for each item only. This limit does not reflect the true value of the prized possessions. However, luxury home insurance comes with limits of up to $50,000 for this category.
  • Policies of luxury home insurance are more flexible than those of traditional insurance. Homeowners of high-value properties have more freedom to choose coverage items and terms that are suitable to them.
  • Luxury home insurance gives more protection than traditional home insurance. Artworks and rare architectural finishes are often excluded from regular home insurance. High-value home insurance is a better fit since it wraps protection on high-end personal items in one neat package.
  • High-end property insurance offers specialized services that traditional insurance cannot provide. Special services vary, from helping homeowners manage the risks of their homes to a loss-prevention benefit that pays to mitigate the covered loss from recurring.
  • No-cost home inspections are usually offered by luxury home insurance. You get to find out important details about your luxury property because of this. This is very helpful for homeowners in knowing the extent of coverage and limits that are appropriate for their homes.

Why it matters to get high-end property insurance

On top of being a testament to your success and hard work, your beautiful mansion in Newport Beach, California can also be your gateway to both short-term and long-term returns. That’s why shielding it with the kind of insurance specifically for million-dollar homes is imperative to safeguard your investment.

With a luxury home comes prized possessions such as artwork, jewelry, silverware, exotic collectibles, and expensive furniture. You’ll naturally want to have these belongings protected, as well, which is why you need to make sure that the insurance you’ll get for your mansion in Newport Beach, California includes these items in its coverage.

A standard home insurance won’t provide enough protection that a luxury home requires and you’ll end up putting your valuable asset at a huge risk should anything untoward happen. You might even end up losing your property’s high value. Thus, it makes sense to go for the home insurance that has everything covered in your mansion in Newport Beach, California.

Luxury home insurance coverage

Policies under luxury home insurance can cover damages from $1 million up to $50 million and provide unique benefits tailored to luxury homes. Below are the various coverages that usually turn up in high-end property insurance.


If an insured home is damaged by storm, fire, lightning, or vandalism, this particular coverage guarantees that the insurer will help pay for the repair and rebuilding of the physical structure. Also referred to as “dwelling insurance” or Coverage A, this feature is one of the important aspects of a home insurance policy.

The enhanced dwelling coverage in luxury home insurance for million-dollar homes provides extended replacement costs for the home and its physical structure. It guarantees that the insurer will cover the repair or rebuilding of a home, even if the prices of labor and materials escalate or exceed the limit of the policy.


Tall gates and privacy fences are staples in luxury mansions and homes found in Newport Beach, California as a physical deterrent against trespassers. These fixtures, along with garages, porches, or pools, are usually found on the grounds of the property but not always attached to the home itself. Under luxury home insurance, even these detached structures are included in this coverage.


Reflecting their owners’ exquisite tastes, it’s not surprising to find luxury homes in Newport Beach filled with prized possessions and rare antiquities. Ensuring the safety of these expensive belongings can be a source of concern, though, but high-end property insurance offers a solution through this coverage, particularly in the event of breakage, loss, theft, or damage. Regular home insurance may include coverage for personal items but only up to a certain amount which will not be enough to cover the value of these personal treasures. This insurance for million-dollar homes gives higher limits and better coverage for personal items inside the property. Protection includes a replacement value, regardless of price changes or depreciation in the market.


Accidents could happen at any time, anywhere – even within the confines of a luxury home. Under normal circumstances, should a guest get injured within the property, the homeowner is liable for the said injury and may even be smacked with a lawsuit due to negligence. It can be a costly matter if there’s no luxury home insurance to fall back on.

With the liability coverage in luxury home insurance, you can be assured of financial backup to use for medical payments of the injured party/ies, as well as payment for any legal fees related to the mishap. If tables were reversed and you were the one who inadvertently caused damage in another property, your insurance could also be used to pay for said damages.

Under this coverage, the insurer offers up to $100 million compared to standard policies that only range from $300,000 to $500,000.


Liability coverage can extend to injury to one’s person such as libel, slander, and defamation through an umbrella coverage. If a homeowner is found responsible in a civil case, an umbrella policy can protect a homeowner in more circumstances than standard home insurance.


Newport Beach is no stranger to Mother Nature’s fury, especially hurricanes and wildfires. Many regular home insurance policies usually don’t cover damages from the forces of nature and your luxury home will require another set of policies that account for force majeure instances like this.

However, under luxury home insurance, should the home be deemed uninhabitable due to covered disasters such as tornados, fires, earthquakes, or hurricanes, your insurer can reimburse the payment for temporary living expenses while the home undergoes repairs.

The following are reimbursable under the loss of use coverage:

  • Hotel stays
  • Temporary rentals
  • Restaurant and grocery bills
  • Laundry and dry-cleaning services
  • Transportation (fuel, rental cars, public transit)
  • Pet boarding
  • Storage units

Additional coverage options

Luxury home insurance, on its own, already has a set of policies that could offer suitable protection to your Newport Beach mansion. However, other insurance policies can be added to your existing insurance to beef it up and make it more encompassing. Below are some highly recommended endorsements for your luxury home insurance.


An optional endorsement that can be added to insurance for high-end homes, the deductible waiver ensures that the policyholder does not have to pay out-of-pocket expenses in the event of huge losses or massive damage amounting to over $50,000 in insured property. Given the high net worth of luxury homes, many real estate agents recommend the deductible waiver as an effective safety net for its owners.


Identity theft is a serious crime that is usually dealt on many well-to-do homeowners. Thieves would target those who have paid off their mortgages by using their name to open another account. Not only can this deed seriously damage one’s credit but it can also take a serious financial and emotional toll on the affected homeowner.

Fortunately, identity theft coverage can alleviate the financial loss and aid the homeowner to get back on track. It must be noted, however, that the identity theft coverage does not apply to direct losses from unauthorized bank loans or purchases.


If the high-value home is totally destroyed and rebuilding is no longer an option for the homeowner, luxury home insurance offers cash settlement instead.


For homeowners who operate businesses from their homes, this is the perfect add-on to a luxury home insurance policy. This insurance covers the damages that may result from conducting business operations in your home.


High-value homes have smart appliances and equipment that are susceptible to unexpected failure and sudden breakdowns. Repairs or replacement for these home appliances or electronic devices can be quite costly. However, with the coverage for equipment breakdown, homeowners get a reprieve from accidental, sudden, and unexpected failures or damages incurred by these home staples. This endorsement saves homeowners from repair costs and speeds up repairs or replacement.

Keep in mind, though, that this insurance only covers failures due to mechanical and electrical issues, not damages caused by lack of maintenance or normal wear and tear.


Luxury homeowners who opt for this particular coverage can rest easy and save a lot on repairs knowing that their property is insured from water-related damages in the event that your plumbing system or a sewer line acts up. Under this coverage, an insurer pays for damages caused by water backups, including the costs of removing excess water, cleaning up, and repairing the affected areas in your home.

What to consider when buying luxury home insurance


Keep these factors in mind when considering buying a high-end property insurance:


In standard home insurance, coverage limits on personal belongings, living expenses, and other structures are kept within a certain percentage of the dwelling coverage limit. With luxury home insurance, you can determine the coverage limits of your policy exactly where you want to prioritize them.


This refers to the amount you need to pay for the insurance. Generally, the premium for high-end property insurance is more expensive than a standard one because of the more comprehensive coverage it provides. When choosing luxury home insurance, compare the premiums of companies offering insurance for million-dollar homes. Pay attention to the extent of coverage and make sure the insurance provider carries the coverage you need.


Choose a home insurance company with dedicated and quick customer service. A good insurance provider has superior customer support and can do risk assessment consulting, give an immediate review of your protection options, and design a specialized coverage plan for your luxury home. You must also be comfortable with their client concierge – the one representing the company to attend to your inquiries and needs.


Luxury home insurance policies offer special perks that a high-net-worth homeowner might not get from a standard policy. Check out for extra offers such as deductible waivers, vacation and travel coverage, pet injury coverage, personal consultations, or special discounts.

Cost of luxury home insurance


Multi-million-dollar mansions in Newport Beach, California have top-notch features and lavish amenities that require extra protection. Their coastal location and more-than-ample exposure to the elements also command more extensive insurance coverage. All these taken into consideration, it’s not surprising that the insurance for these grand estates costs more than that of average homes.

The cost of luxury home insurance varies, depending on many factors such as the types of coverage, the location of the property, preferred add-ons, and many others. Average yearly premiums can range from $3,500 to $5,550.

While the premiums are higher, having luxury home insurance ensures larger payouts that can sufficiently cover expensive repairs and rebuilding of your residential property.


  • Location. Always underscored and sometimes, mentioned thrice in the same breath, your home’s location has a strong impact on the type and cost of its insurance. In the case of Newport Beach homes, one that sits by the waterfront is bound to have a higher-priced insurance policy than one located inland. Some insurance providers even have a surcharge for homes located within 500 feet of saltwater due to higher exposure to the elements and susceptibility to storm damage.
  • Construction materials. Some luxury homes are built using materials that may not be easy to find. In other cases, the materials used for the home are of the highest quality and also quite expensive. Such is the case with Newport Beach waterfront homes that use materials that could withstand storms, heavy winds, and even fire – thus, the higher price points should there be a need to rebuild using the same materials.
  • Credit score or insurance score. Lower credit can lead to higher insurance rates. Some home insurance providers may also refer to the insurance score which takes into account both credit score and claims history.
  • Your loss history. Your recent insurance claims, whether for the same or different insurer, can affect home insurance rates. A larger claim and the type of claim are the usual considerations.
  • Your chosen deductible. A higher deductible means a homeowner is taking a larger amount of risk. By choosing to pay a higher deductible, the trade-off translates to lowering the premium of the luxury insurance policy.


Get more insights about luxury home insurance and other great tips on caring for a high-end property in Newport Beach from local luxury real estate expert, Georgina Jacobson.

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