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Newport Beach is Your Family-Friendly Spring Break Destination

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Newport Beach, located within Orange County, is renowned for its crystal-blue waters and breathtaking sunsets. This seaside retreat is a perfect place for people who yearn to live by the water and those who want to consider investing in attractive beachfront real estate with a strong potential for profit.

Every nook and cranny of this coastal city has something for everyone. That’s why it’s a favorite destination for all types of visitors from college buddies maximizing their spring break vacation to families looking for wholesome beach fun in and out of the water.

If you are thinking of where to take your family this spring break, consider this lively and exciting beach destination. In this piece, we at The Georgina Jacobson Group will be sharing our top 15 recommendations for fun Newport Beach activities for families with kids of all ages.



  • Incorporated on September 1, 1906, Newport Beach spans approximately 25 square miles. It’s currently home to over 84,000 residents, based on 2021 U.S. Census data.

  • To the east of Newport Beach is Crystal Cove State Park, while Huntington Beach is to the west. Costa Mesa is to the north, and to the south is the Pacific expanse.

  • In the past, Newport Beach – like many seaside towns – was primarily a hub for maritime activities and businesses. Today, it’s more of a recreational destination for tourists from all around the country and beyond.

  • Because of its wide variety of attractions and its proximity to the beautiful blue waters of the Pacific, Newport Beach has become a prime tourist destination. During the spring and summer months, the town’s population increases to over 100,000, with visitors arriving daily.

  • On average, Newport Beach experiences warm, arid, and short summers, as well as cool, partly cloudy winters. Temperatures vary between 48°F and 79°F. By April, the cool weather will have given way to warmer temperatures, making it a great time to visit and enjoy the myriad of outdoor activities.


Whether you’re thinking of where to bring your family this spring break or you’re on the hunt for a great new place to call home by the beach, know that Newport Beach is a great destination with awesome options for recreation, dining, retail, and exploration.

These 15 must-try Newport Beach activities for families can be something to look forward to once you come to this exciting SoCal city.

  1. Come to Newport Beach’s beach

    We have to start our list with the famed beach, after which the town is named.

    Newport Beach covers over eight miles from Crystal Cove State Park to the Santa Ana River. This vast stretch of sea and sand is great for families of all sizes.

    The beach is open daily from 6:00 AM until 10:00 PM and is never out of things to do for family fun. Come early to enjoy the sunrise and take a dip before the rush of people arrives.

    As the day progresses, the beach comes alive with activities like swimming, surfing, and people having picnics and walking along the pier.

    Later in the evening, you can enjoy a beautiful sunset, roll out some blankets on the sand, sing songs, and go stargazing.

  2. Tour Balboa Island

    This charming harborside community is actually a man-made island with a vintage laid-back vibe. It’s the perfect place for Instagram-worthy selfies.

    To get there, we recommend taking the Balboa Island Ferry for a fun and scenic ride across the water.

    Once you arrive, you can take your pick from various activities like kayaking, sailing, or paddle boarding. You can also stroll down the 1.6-mile boardwalk to enjoy the view of the bay and admire the charming bayfront homes, ride a bike, or explore unique boutique shops and delightful restaurants along Marine Avenue.

    Be sure to try the island’s famous spots, like Sugar ‘N Spiceand Dad’s Donut Shop & Bakery, to enjoy some sweet treats and a mouthwatering selection of frozen chocolate-covered bananas! They’re your best ticket to cooling down after a day under the sun.

  3. See farm animals up close at the Centennial Farm

    For a non-beach-related activity that the kids will love, visit the Centennial Farm – a classic three-acre working farm with bright-red buildings. Strolling around to see fruit trees and herb gardens. They can even try their hand doing various farm activities.

    Apart from learning about the day-to-day workings of a typical farm, everyone will be amazed by the wide variety of livestock living here, including chickens, pigs, rabbits, goats, and more. There’s even a live-feed pig cam that lets you peek in on these cuties whenever you want.

  4. Be a princess, mermaid, or pirate for a day in Once Upon an Island

    Looking for a little fairy tale or mermaid magic? You can find it here. This fun play space and events venue on Balboa Island is ideal for children from 4 to 8 years old who love anything and everything about princesses, mermaids, and pirates. Kids can have tea parties with Disney princesses, swim with mermaids, or even go on a treasure hunt with a band of merry pirates on the beach! The little ones can also get a full character makeover so they can play their dream parts better.

  5. Take in the beauty of Sherman Library and Gardens

    In the lovely Newport Beach neighborhood of Corona Del Mar, you’ll find this stunning 2.2-acre botanical garden founded by Arnold Haskell in 1955. It’s home to hundreds of plants, including orchids, roses, succulents, and even a Japanese garden.

    The kids will enjoy walking around and learning about the exotic flora within the garden while the adults take a breather from the more adrenaline-fueled activities of Newport Beach or take photos of the beautiful plants and flowers there.

    For those interested in local history and horticulture, this garden also houses a library that has over 15,000 volumes about the Pacific Southwest.

    While you’re here, have a delicious meal in 608 Dahlia where you can have a delectable and healthy garden-to-table dining experience.

  6. Go whale watching

    whale watching

    Because Newport Beach is nestled right in the path of gray, blue, and humpback whales, you can get the unique opportunity to see these majestic mammals in their natural habitat through the various whale-watching tours here. Apart from the whales, other residents and locals of the area that you might come across are dolphins, seals, seagulls, and even sharks!

  7. Learn to surf at Newport Surf Camp

    If your kids want to try their hand at surfing, enroll them at Newport Surf Camp. This facility has trained surf professionals teaching anything and everything about surfing, from its history down to the basics of surfing to cool tips and tricks, as well as essential ocean safety.

    Camp sessions begin in the morning from 8:00 AM to noon for half-day classes and 3:00 PM for the full-day courses. Private lessons are also available. Students are also welcome to stay and try other fun water activities after class, like boogie boarding.

  8. Find the best family-sized activities at the Marina Park Community & Sailing Center

    Located right beside the Community Center and near Newport Pier Beach on 16th and 19th Streets, this 10.5-acre park combines the best of beach and park fun with a nautical-themed playground and the ocean just a few steps away. Kids can play on the swings, slides, and seesaws while the parents can enjoy taking in the pristine waters of stunning Newport Bay.

    Older kids could try out the outdoor fitness circuit area where they can play frisbee, go jogging, or shoot some hoops on the basketball courts. If they prefer water sports, the park also offers kayaking, sailing, and more.

    After a fun day outside, the whole family can grab a bite at the park’s picnic area or head to the Lighthouse Bayview Cafe for a meal while viewing the sunset.

  9. See the sights at Balboa Pier

    balboa pier

    This boardwalk is famous for its beachside arcade, diners, and even a nautical museum. Plus, the whole family can hop onto the Ferris wheel for a fun ride and unobstructed beach views. All of these, you can experience at the boardwalk’s Balboa Fun Zone.

    If you love to fish, this is the perfect spot for doing so. Since the pier is a public pier, you won’t need a fishing license.

  10. Learn about marine life in Discovery Cube’s Ocean Quest

    Inquisitive kids with the desire to learn about the amazing marine ecosystem will be dazzled by the exhibits and activities they’ll find at Discovery Cube’s Ocean Quest. This interactive museum’s exhibits are based on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) principles and teach kids about Newport Beach’s history, the ocean, and its many diverse organisms.

    All sorts of sea creatures and fish are on full display in various tanks and habitats, as well as exhibits of maritime equipment, old photos and journals, and navigational tools that will tell them about Newport Beach’s nautical history.

    There are also unique activities for kids, like designing their own ship flags, pulley races, knot tying, and even Morse Code challenges – all designed to teach them what it takes to sail the seven seas.

    The museum also offers whale-watching packages in partnership with the Newport Whales’ Whale Watching Program.

  11. Hop over to TeWinkle Park

    Just ten minutes away from Newport Beach in Costa Mesa is TeWinkle Park, named after the city’s first mayor after it was incorporated as a city in 1953. Spanning 49 acres, this park offers both serenity and thrills as it has a playground that the kids would surely love, a series of lakes with trees offering shade, and other amenities like open fields and facilities for baseball and tennis. From playing tag with the kids in its wide-open spaces to sitting by the beautiful amphitheater with a good book, you can have both relaxation and wholesome fun here.

    And don’t forget your picnic baskets! The park has several picnic tables and grills so break out the hotdogs and burgers for a delicious picnic at the end of a fun day.

  12. Find world-class shopping and dining options at South Coast Plaza

    Less than 10 minutes away in nearby Costa Mesa is a premier mall, the largest in the West Coast and the fourth largest in the whole country. Spanning a whopping 2.8 million square feet, South Coast Plaza provides shoppers with almost-infinite retail, dining, and recreation options. Find your favorite luxury brands here, including Louis Vuitton, Hermes, and BVLGARI, as well as classic favorites like Bloomingdale’s and Macy’s. And whether you’re up for a full-blown fine dining experience or simply out to grab a quick bite, you’ll be spoilt for choice with the range of food spots within this sprawling shopping center.

  13. Revel in nature’s beauty at the Upper Newport Bay Nature Preserve

    For a hiking adventure in the Great Big Outdoors, the Upper Newport Bay Nature Preserve will not disappoint.

    In this 135-acre nature reserve, you can enjoy hiking trails, horseback riding, jogging, cycling, and even leisurely walks while taking in magnificent sights. Given its nature as a coastal wetland, it is either home or a migratory route for some of the most extraordinary species of birds, including the endangered brown pelican and the peregrine falcon. So, make sure to bring binoculars during your visit and try identifying the many species of birds you’ll find here.

    Plus, if you have a canine family member, let them come and join the fun! Just make sure they are on a leash when you bring them along.

  14. Watch the giant waves at The Wedge


    This popular surfing destination is not for the faint of heart. Here at The Wedge, swells reach as high as 30 feet so water-based activities here are more inclined toward bodysurfing or bodyboarding rather than surfing. Admittedly one of the most dangerous areas for surfing, you and your family can still visit The Wedge to watch the mighty waves crashing and some of the locals braving these watery giants. The jetty is also perfect for sailboat-watching and witnessing dramatic sunsets over the Pacific.

  15. Go camping at Crystal Cove State Park

    If you want to end your trip on a relaxing note, save Crystal Cove State Park for last. This sprawling park has over 3.2 miles of glittering coastline and offers visitors a wide range of outdoor activities.

    Hike through 18 miles of trails around this park and discover a wide variety of endangered flora and fauna. Or you can walk along the coastline and keep your eyes peeled for whales and dolphins.

    Little kids can also enjoy looking at fish and marine animals in the park’s many tide pools. Just be sure to watch your children as the tide pools have strict rules and regulations on behavior and conduct.

    For a more memorable stay, camp overnight in the canyons situated here and watch the pretty lights coming from the boats in the water below.

    The park also offers walking tours of the Crystal Cove Historic District. You can learn all about the area’s history while exploring many small cottages that have been there since the 1920s.


Coming to Newport Beach for spring break is an exciting opportunity; more so if you decide to make Newport Beach your new home! You can experience all these wonderful activities here anytime you want in your very own beachfront home where you can wake up every day to the sound of waves lapping on the shore and the cool sea breeze on your face.

When you decide to purchase property here in Newport Beach, let me – Georgina Jacobson – be the one to assist you. My team of real estate specialists at The Georgina Jacobson Group and I have a solid track record of success connecting potential clients to their perfect homes in Newport Beach. Allow us to show you all the properties and dream homes available in our beautiful Newport Beach communities.

To learn more about Newport Beach and the many opportunities you have for fun, leisure, investment, and real estate here, call us at 949.285.8380 or send your email here.

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