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Coldwell Banker Celebrates 114th Anniversary

Today marks the 114th anniversary of the Coldwell Banker®brand. With a network of over 94,000 affiliated sales professionals in 3,000 offices across 43 countries and territories, the Coldwell Banker® organization has been a guiding example of leadership since 1906.

The Coldwell Banker Global Luxury® program is no exception. Coldwell Banker-affiliated agents sell more luxury real estate than any other national real estate brand. They conducted approximately 27,600 transactions of homes priced at $1 million or more last year. This equates to approximately $144.4 million in sales every day by the Coldwell Banker brand for luxury homes priced at $1 million or more, with an average sales price of $1.9 million. The brand’s luxury record, combined with its history, unparalleled reputation and forward-looking technology and tools, continues to attract the industry’s best and brightest. Just ask two leading luxury real estate professionals in Maui, Hawaii who recently joined the Coldwell Banker family: Dano Sayles and Riette Jenkins.

Dano Sayles, who recently came on board with Coldwell Banker Island Properties and specializes in the Wailea, Makena, and Kihei areas of Maui, says he now has the opportunity to serve his sophisticated clients at a higher level. “Coldwell Banker Island Properties is the No. 1 brokerage on Maui and has a footprint throughout the state. I’ve been very impressed with the Coldwell Banker Global Luxury branding as well. The brand really resonates with our clients who want excellent representation when they are selling a property. The Coldwell Banker name also has brand recognition internationally. The fact that the brand has been around for 114 years shows stability, and that’s important — especially in unstable times.”

Maui top producer and Wailea specialist Riette Jenkins also recently “came home” to Coldwell Banker Island Properties. She left Coldwell Banker four years ago to join an independent brokerage — only to come back when she saw the caliber of marketing she could offer her high-end sellers. “There are only a handful of brokerages on the island that aligns with my brand and my clients. Coldwell Banker does such a great job with their marketing, advertising and technology. Their listing presentation materials like the ‘Black Box’ are steller — and really represent who I am and who my clients are.”

As these two successful real estate agents and so many other Coldwell Banker Global Luxury Specialists have found, this is the right time to be connected to a heritage brand. People want stability, trustworthy leadership and calm. Coldwell Banker has been delivering on that promise for more than a century. Happy birthday, Coldwell Banker!

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