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7 Tips to keep your Newport Beach Luxury Property in Top Shape

A luxury home in Newport Beach is what many would consider their dream home. You wake up to sounds and views of the ocean and have breakfast on a balcony or porch as a gentle breeze cools the air. Balmy nights can be spent having fun with friends and family and if you prefer to eat in, there’s no reason why it can’t be done al fresco by the pool. It’s certainly a dream lifestyle.

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However, there is a more prosaic side to living this life. That’s the challenge of maintaining your luxury homes in Newport Beach so that it continues being the blissful haven it is and almost as importantly, maintains its value in the competitive luxury real estate market of California.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll discuss how to preserve the condition of luxury homes in Newport Beach helping you keep it in pristine condition throughout the years.

Welcome to Newport Beach, CA

Before diving deep into maintaining luxury beach homes, let’s get to know Newport Beach a little better. A coastal city in southern California, Newport Beach is known for its stunning ocean views, the best spots for surfing and bodysurfing known as “The Wedge,” an abundance of modern shopping centers to choose from, premier residential areas, and upscale communities. Additionally, there’s a robust business sector and quality school systems. In short, there’s everything anyone would need to set up a dream lifestyle. It’s a great place to retire with activities that keep the young at heart healthy. Families have all the amenities they need and young professionals have every opportunity to carve out the life they want.

Protecting your Beach Home

It’s true that if you are looking to buy a luxury beachfront home in Newport Beach, it’s unlikely that you’ll be taking care of all the maintenance yourself and will be looking to hire help. However, it does help you to know what you should be looking out for.

Protecting your luxury beach home means safeguarding against the sun, salt, and sand. There’s also the need to safeguard against flooding and pest infestation. Here’s our guide to help you counter these hazards and keep your home in pristine condition.

  1. Create a Maintenance Checklist

    A detailed checklist is essential when maintaining a luxury property, especially one near the beach or facing the water. Without one, it’s all too easy to overlook small details, some of which can lead to significant issues if left unaddressed.

    For efficient luxury home maintenance, categorizing tasks into monthly, bi-annual, and yearly intervals is recommended. Monthly tasks often involve the basics, such as cleaning the garbage disposal, testing sinks, and tubs for proper drainage, and replenishing water softeners.

    Bi-annual tasks require a slightly broader scope. Checkups involve servicing the HVAC systems, thoroughly inspecting toilets and kitchens for any leaks that might have developed and cleaning the gutters at least twice a year to prevent water damage.

    Lastly, yearly tasks delve deeper into the home’s infrastructure. The fireplace should be inspected to identify any obstructions or hazards. Safety measures, like checking smoke detectors, cleaning vents and ensuring fire extinguishers are still working need to be carried out. The home’s roof should be inspected for maintenance items to prevent leaks.

  2. Go for native landscaping

    For waterfront luxury real estate in Newport Beach, CA, landscaping should include native plants that can withstand high moisture levels around waterfront and beach homes. Hiring a professional team to design and maintain your landscaped garden is recommended as large estates require considerable amounts of time, expertise, and equipment to keep it well maintained.

    Homes & Crystal Cove State Park

    This will not only visually enhance your luxury home’s overall appeal, but also elevate the ambiance in your residence. Moreover, opting for local native plants benefits the environment.

    These plants will mature over time and trees will add beauty as well as offer shade to your outdoor spaces. Flowering shrubs and well-tended flower boxes embedded in a manicured lawn add color and boost the overall appearance of your home.

  3. Be mindful of coastal elements that can damage beachfront homes

    Luxury homes in Newport Beach offer undeniable perks, including unparalleled ocean views and immediate access to the water for activities like swimming, kayaking, and fishing. However, these homes face environmental factors such as exterior wear from the elements, metal corrosion due to strong coastal winds, and mold growth accelerated by high moisture levels. There’s also the unlikely but potential threat of powerful waves jeopardizing the structural integrity of beachside luxury homes.

    Combat metal deterioration by choosing marine-grade stainless steel and other corrosion-resistant materials like aluminum as much as possible for any improvements or installations. Address strong winds with impact-resistant windows and storm shutters. Elevated home designs and seawalls offer protection against rising sea levels.

    To counteract mold and wood rot prevalent in coastal homes, ensure proper ventilation, apply mold-resistant treatments, and utilize dehumidifiers throughout the property. UV-resistant paints can safeguard your home’s exterior, while UV window films provide indoor protection. Routine termite inspections will identify wood rot to address before it becomes a bigger issue.

    You will likely need to paint your home more often than usual. If a home’s exterior gets a new coat every 10, you might find that your beachfront home is best repainted every 7 years or so due to the salty air.

  4. Proper Sand Management

    While oceanfront luxury homes in Newport Beach offer unparalleled beach access, sand that finds its way indoors can pose threats, potentially escalating to larger issues over time. Seemingly harmless sand can scratch your home’s floorings, make their way to and clog bathroom pipes, get stuck in appliances, and embed themselves in furnishing. All of these significantly increase the wear and tear of your beach home, affecting its value over time. Some ways you can avoid this is by installing area rugs, as well as having outdoor showers or foot rinses. Through these simple additional features, you can minimize the sand that gets into your luxury home.

    Regular thorough cleaning and vacuuming, as well as investing in smart robot vacuums, help ensure sand within your home is kept to a minimum. Landscaping also plays a part in keeping your home sand-free. Vegetation barriers, elevated spaces, and paved floorings can protect the interiors of your luxury home from intrusive sand.

  5. Keep luxury beach home free from pests

    Luxury homes epitomize not just elegance but also supreme comfort. Any form of pest infestation is unacceptable. Nevertheless, the distinct climate and conditions of coastal regions attract particular pests, posing challenges for homeowners.

    Some of the things that you can do to prevent infestation include conducting regular home inspections by professionals and sealing entry points such as window cracks or leaks to prevent entry. Proper landscape management can help avoid infestation by ensuring no hives or pest homes take hold outside from where pests can then scout and make their way to your home. Make sure there is no standing water that can be a fertile breeding ground for mosquitoes. It is also a good idea to plant natural insect-repellent vegetation such as lavender, lemon, citronella, and marigold to keep your luxury home not only pest-free but surrounded by fresh aromas.

    Proper food storage and disposal are critical for pest prevention. Don’t welcome ants or cockroaches indoors, or smaller animals that go after exposed food litter outside. Be sure to clean up any food after a party.

    Finally, consider utilizing natural and eco-friendly pesticides, offering optimal protection while preserving the environment.

  6. Insurance for Luxury homes

    If you own a luxury home, especially one near or on the beach, consider taking out high-value home insurance. These packages come with several advantages over more standard home insurance policies. While standard policies will insure for a certain amount it may not necessarily cover rising costs in materials if you ever need to make extensive repairs.

    High-value home insurance will also be much more comprehensive when it comes to covering personal items such as jewelry, art, or any other expensive contents within the home.

    Note that many standard insurance policies do not include flood or earthquake protection, which is usually bought as a separate package or needs to be an addition to a standard policy.

    Also, note that with high-value home insurance, it is much easier to make claims. With standard insurance, it is often up to the claimant to prove that there has been damage or theft, with high-value insurance it is up to the insurance company to prove if there is any hindrance to a payout.

    When buying a luxury waterfront home, consult with your real estate agent who can guide you to an insurance agent, who will be able to find the best insurance policy for you.

  7. Updating and upgrading your smart home systems

    If you’re looking to rent out your luxury home throughout certain times of the year it might be a good idea to install or upgrade the latest smart home systems. The conveniences are self-evident, you get a home that regulates heating, lighting, and power use, as well as voice operating your entertainment such as listening to music, watching movies, and playing games. All of this not only enriches your living experience but makes your home considerably more desirable and valuable.

    A Dome CCTV infrared camera

    For those looking to rent, smart security systems provide unparalleled protection for your household. There will be times when your home may be vacant for prolonged periods of time and you’ll want to keep an eye on what’s happening. For luxury homes in Newport Beach, these systems can live stream from security cameras or activate security protocols when advanced motion sensor detectors are triggered. They can lock certain parts of the home or all of it, provide real-time alerts, and ensure peace of mind wherever you are in the world.

    By staying updated and incorporating these technologies, homeowners of luxury homes for sale in Newport Beach can be comforted by both luxury and security.

    Luxury homes in Newport Beach come with a beautiful mix of crafted and designed sophistication, natural beauty, and modern comfort. While their charm and picturesque views are one of a kind, like any investment, a luxurious beach property requires proactive, continuous care. Maintenance is not just about routine checks; it’s an investment that protects your property’s appreciation value. This commitment ensures your luxury home remains pristine and its value high.

Work with Georgina Jacobson

With over 25 years of specializing in luxury real estate and beachfront properties, Realtor Georgina Jacobson offers her clients unparalleled marketing knowledge and expertise. She has been honored with prestigious designations, including the International President’s Premier from Coldwell Banker and the Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist. A further testament to her expansive network, Georgina is also a member of the International Luxury Alliance.

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In addition, her excellence in the field has been recognized by the Wall Street Journal, which named her as part of the top real estate teams in Orange County.

With listings focused on luxury real estate in Newport Beach, CA, including waterfront estates, single-family homes, gated communities, and new constructions, Georgina can help you find your home in Orange County.

To begin your search for luxury beach property in Newport Beach call the Georgina Jacobson Group at 949.285.8380 or send us an email to discover the incredible luxury homes in Newport Beach, CA.

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