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Designing Backyard Pools

With summer quickly approaching there is no better way to beat the heat of Southern California than a refreshing swim in a swimming pool. It is even more inviting when that pool is in your very own backyard. With built in waterfalls, surrounding gardens and organic pool shapes we have gone way beyond the turquoise lined typical rectangular shaped pools that we have known for so long. Having a pool can be another beautiful element to your backyard landscape, whether your home is traditional, a rustic farmhouse, or a glass-wrapped modern ranch, the options we have today in building materials allow your pool to easily complement the design of your home. To help establish your pool as the center point of your outdoor activities, pool and landscape plans also incorporate different gathering areas with seating spots, patio plants, and interesting lighting. A large backyard is no longer a make-or-break requirement for a backyard pool, thanks to flexibility in shape and size there are now more swimming pool designs and plans that can work for smaller yards. These new styles also are more inclined to fit one’s budget for their backyard pool. Having a beautiful pool creates a desire to entertain more often, especially in the summer months creating a summer full of festive pool activities and possibilities.

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