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Top Qualities You’ll Want in a Newport Beach Realtor

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Should you work with a Realtor when buying a property? The majority of Americans believe so. In fact, roughly 88% of home buyers in 2021 worked with a real estate agent in making their purchase. Given how prices have been rising at a rapid pace and how quickly homes have been selling in Newport Beach, CA over the last two years, working with a Realtor is definitely in your best interest.

It truly pays to have a professional guiding you, not just in the process of buying a home but also in selling it or in acquiring a property to add to your asset portfolio. And, with a highly competitive real estate market like Newport Beach, their expertise and deep knowledge of this market can well be the key to a successful real estate transaction here.

As you make your bid to buy, sell, or invest in a property in sunny Newport Beach CA, find out how you can make the most out of your transaction by knowing what to look for in the local Realtor whom you plan to become your professional partner. This article will elaborate on the various qualities to watch out for in your Newport Beach Realtor.



The biggest benefit of working with a Newport Beach Realtor is the fact that you’re dealing with someone with the highest ideals and work ethic in the industry. A real estate agent has the license and the training to practice their profession. However, a Realtor not only has the training and the license but also an exclusive membership to an organization of fellow real estate agents from all over the country who abide by a strict code of conduct – the National Association of Realtors. As proof of their membership, they have the title of “RealtorⓇ” attached to their name – a title officially registered with a copyright by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Thus, to clarify, a Realtor must be a real estate agent but not all real estate agents are Realtors. Moreover, should you want a professional and customized treatment of your real estate transaction in Newport Beach, you’ll do well to work with a Realtor.

A Realtor smoothens the kinks in the process of home-buying or selling to give you a seamless experience in your real estate transaction. Below are other great advantages of working with this real estate professional.

For buyers

  • You save time by only looking at properties that meet your needs. Given how quickly homes in hot markets can close, you don’t want to waste time looking at homes that don’t fit your needs and budget. A Realtor can help draft a shortlist of properties that match your requirements to a tee. This helps you save time and focus your energy and efforts on closing the perfect home.
  • You have someone in your corner during negotiations. It’s easy to get emotional when discussing real estate matters. When you develop the tendency to make a decision that’s purely based on your feelings, your Realtor will be able to rein your feelings in and prevent you from making decisions you might regret in the long term. Not only will they have your interests in mind but they will also help you negotiate for the best deal, as well as adjust offers on account of necessary presale renovations and repairs.
  • You can avoid closing pitfalls. The devil is in the details, so they say, and these details could sometimes become the causes of delays in closing the deal. Things like unclear titles or missed financing deadlines can easily kill a deal. An experienced Realtor will have encountered these issues several times in their career and will know exactly what to do should these problems arise. Moreover, they will also know how to avoid these problems in the first place.

For sellers

  • You expand your home’s reach through the MLS. The Multiple Listing Service is a database of available real estate in a given area. Pretty much every real estate agent uses this to find properties that fit the needs of their buyers. Having your home listed on the MLS significantly increases the reach of your listing. However, you cannot post a property on the MLS without the help of a real estate agent who has access to it.
  • You stay competitive with the rest of the market. Although you may think you know how much your home is worth, there’s a chance your price point may not match those of similar homes on the market. This can make it more difficult for you to sell your property. With a Realtor, you can settle on a competitive price that is within market standards.
  • You get professional help with staging your home. Staging allows buyers to better visualize themselves living on the property. This can lead to a variety of benefits like shortening the amount of time on the market, grabbing the attention of more buyers, and even increasing offers by as much as 10%.

For investors

  • You get instant access to a significant compilation of local real estate market data. It takes time to study trends and fully understand the nuances of a local market. But, with a Realtor by your side, not only can they easily share what they know of local market trends but they can explain the technical jargon to you in layman’s terms. This shared knowledge will be crucial in the creation of informed decisions in your real estate investment in Newport Beach, CA.
  • You can find amazing offline listings.Although the MLS is the place to look for investment-worthy homes, not all of the best ones are on it. Some sellers prefer to keep their transactions private for many reasons and will only have their homes sold offline. But, when you work with a Realtor, they can tap into their network of colleagues in the industry to access these offline listings and expand your selection of investment options.



It’s no stretch to say that working with the right Newport Beach Realtor can make or break your buying or selling experience. You need to know what makes a Newport Beach Realtor different, as well as the qualities you should look for in one.

A Newport Beach Realtor’s edge

Newport Beach is best known for its breathtaking luxury and waterfront real estate, pristine beaches, boat-filled harbors, and distinctly Californian lifestyle. The real estate in this coastal city is among the most sought-after in the country, which is why home values have been historically high even before the onset of the pandemic. Add to that a scarce housing inventory overpowered by huge demand and you have a market where only the most competitive and the most prepared succeed in their home-buying endeavors here.

Whatever your preferred real estate transaction is in Newport Beach, know that having an experienced local Realtor as your guide gives you that distinct edge as you navigate your way through its market.

These professionals have a wealth of market experience to help you make the best decisions in your real estate transaction. This is incredibly important in a hot market like Newport Beach where home prices can go as high as almost $70 million.

Ideal qualities of a Newport Beach Realtor

  1. Honesty and integrity

    Honesty and integrity are king to a good Realtor. Your Newport Beach Realtor should be able to provide you with the kind of information that can influence your judgment in your home-buying or selling journey. They may sometimes tell you things you may not want to hear, especially when you’re about to make decisions based on emotions more than cold, hard facts. They can bring your attention back into focus and steer you clear of potentially costly mistakes.

    Do your due diligence by drawing up a shortlist of local Realtors and interviewing them prior to hiring. Ask them for their references and testimonials from former clients. You can also do your own research by going through their respective websites and checking out testimonials there.

  2. Knowledge and expertise

    How well-versed is your Realtor in the local market and real estate trends? Since buying or selling a home is a remarkable milestone in your life, you need someone with extensive knowledge of the area. This intimate knowledge of Newport’s different neighborhoods – including details like new developments in the area or the best places to eat – will help you to determine the best course of action in your real estate endeavor.

    In choosing a Realtor to help you with your Newport Beach plans, you’ll want to prioritize one who has been servicing the area for at least five years – even better if the said Realtor is a long-time resident or a native of the place. These agents will be able to give you the kind of “insider information” that only a true local can provide.

  3. Attention to detail

    You will be depending on your Realtor to guide you through the entire process of home-buying or selling. They see to it that you do not make missteps anywhere in the process that could prove to be too costly in the long run.

    Go with a Realtor who has a firm understanding of real estate contracts and a good grasp of pitfalls to watch out for. Knowing the details that are often overlooked is key to ensuring that everything in a bid or contract is in order. Your Realtor should also have contingency plans for when deals fall through due to factors beyond your control.

  4. Communication skills

    Great communication skills are extra important for Realtors, especially since they constantly need to coordinate with so many people involved in your real estate transaction. Your Realtor should be able to communicate matters clearly, concisely, and on time.

    Find a Realtor who has a communication style similar to yours. Do you prefer someone who goes straight to the point or do you prefer someone who communicates with more compassion and tries to frame situations positively? Being in sync with your Realtor in this regard allows you to feel more comfortable around them and helps build trust between you two.

  5. Negotiation skills

    In line with their commitment to always act in your best interest, Realtors should have excellent negotiation skills that will help you close your dream property. Your Realtor should have a mentality that anything can be negotiated, as well as a creative mindset.

    When interviewing a potential Realtor, ask them to cite a previous situation where they were required to exhibit their negotiation skills. Were they able to diplomatically negotiate for a contingency in favor of their client? Were they able to successfully negotiate the final price of a home? These types of questions can help you gauge just how good your Realtor is at negotiating on your behalf.

  6. Dedication and determination

    A good Newport Beach Realtor is driven and client-focused. It is this passion that will ensure that they will go the extra mile to get the best results on your behalf.

    Ask your Realtor if they hold special professional certifications. These are usually great signs that they take their career seriously and are continuously looking to improve themselves and the service they provide. Aside from certifications, ask your Realtor about any personal and team accolades. Awards and recognitions are indicators of your Realtor’s determination – it takes a deep level of commitment to put in a body of work deserving of an award.

  7. Team support

    It isn’t uncommon for Realtors to handle several clients at the same time on both the buying and selling sides. This is especially true in popular real estate markets like Newport Beach. Given this, choosing a Realtor who has a strong team backing them is vital in keeping the process running smoothly and on schedule.

    The size of the team isn’t overly important. What you want is a team that has worked together extensively and where each member has clearly defined roles for each transaction. Try asking your Realtor for a step-by-step process of how the team operates. This should give you a clearer picture of how well the team works together.

  8. Compassion

    Going through any kind of real estate transaction could be taxing, especially transactions conducted in a housing market such as Newport Beach. It will eat through other schedules that demand your time like work, family, and even your me-time. This is where a good Realtor comes in. They understand the rigors of the process and will endeavor to keep stress levels at a minimum. This can come in the form of simple gestures like brewing a fresh cup of coffee for you after showings or even regular check-ins to keep you reassured.

    It can be difficult to gauge the Realtor’s level of compassion during the early stages when the pressure isn’t on yet. You can, however, pay close attention to how your Realtor treats you during the initial interviews and meetings. If a Realtor goes out of their way to make you feel welcomed and relaxed, you can be sure that they will continue to do so when you become a client.

  9. Experience

    Working with a Realtor who has experience in the Newport Beach real estate market should be a given. More than just having experience in the local market, however, your Realtor should also have experience in closing deals for the specific property type that you intend to purchase. After all, buying a condo is a very different experience from buying a luxury single-family home.

    The best way to ascertain the experience level of a Realtor is to ask questions like, “What is the total value of the homes you’ve sold in the last year?” or “Which neighborhoods do you recommend if I’m the market for [property type]?”



This is just one of the many sprawling luxury estates you’ll find in Newport Beach, CA.

For a glimpse of what to expect when you decide to enter the Newport Beach real estate market, check out the following insights:

Types of properties

  1. Single-family luxury homes

    Newport Beach is well known for its luxurious single-family luxury homes, many of which offer gorgeous, panoramic views of the ocean. They often boast two or more stories, swimming pools, multi-car garages, home theaters, walk-in closets, and expansive lawns.

    Some of the best local neighborhoods for luxury single-family homes are:

    • Harbor Island
    • Big Canyon
    • Balboa Island
    • Bayshores
    • Lido Isle
    • Crystal Cove
    • Pelican Crest
    • Pelican Hill

  3. Luxury condo units

    Luxury condo units in Newport Beach are a popular option among young professionals and real estate investors. These condo communities often have deluxe amenities like heated swimming pools, fully equipped fitness centers, designated barbecue and picnic areas, and more.

    It isn’t difficult to find upscale condominium communities in Newport Beach. The top options include:

    • Meridian
    • Sea Island
    • Villa Point
    • Big Canyon Villas

Common architectural styles

Newport Beach is such a vibrant and diverse city, so it shouldn’t be surprising that the architectural styles used in the homes here reflect those qualities. Buyers are sure to find a gorgeous home that features the architectural style they prefer. However, there are certain styles that buyers will encounter more often than others. Some of the more common styles you’ll see around Newport Beach, CA are:

  • Cape Cod
  • Spanish
  • Modern
  • French Provincial
  • Mediterranean


Whether you’re buying into Newport Beach real estate or selling it with the goal to make a handsome return on your investment, you’re in good hands when you partner with theGeorgina Jacobson Group.

We are a full-service real estate agency that specializes in luxury real estate in Newport Beach, CA, and other areas of Orange County. We take pride in the VIP-level services we provide to all of our clients as we help them navigate their respective home-buying or selling processes. This level of commitment has helped us to be recognized as one of the top real estate agencies in Orange County by the Wall Street Journal and one of the highest-ranking teams under the prestigious Coldwell Banker brand in Newport Beach.

Let us help you achieve your home-buying or selling goals! Call us at 949.285.8380 or email us here. We look forward to hearing from you!

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