Wine Storage Goes AI to Bring the Virtual Sommelier Home

Wine Storage Goes AI to Bring the Virtual Sommelier Home

Wine consumption. Gourmet cooking. Home renovations. They have each seen a significant uptick during the pandemic. WineCab’s Wine Wall lives at the confluence of these trends, with an innovative, customizable, AI-powered wine storage solution that caters to those who appreciate fine wine, fine design, and fine cuisine.

With a nod to both smart tech and high style, and a touch of advanced ending machine magic thrown in, Wine Wall offers something you won’t see in even the most spectacular wine rooms: built-in technology that turns this wine storage system into a veritable virtual sommelier.

The integrated AI system of Wine Wall uses a six-axis, industrial, high-speed robotic arm to select and dispense wine bottles—the first “real robotic arm ever installed in a residential setting or restaurant,” according to the company.

The state-of-the-art wine management system can scan and recognize as many as 600,000 wine labels and offer food-pairing suggestions and personalized wine recommendations—the perfect way to combine your love of fine wine and fine food without employing the services of a live sommelier in your home.

“With WineCab, we are reinventing the way people store and serve wine,” Mark Chaney, founder of WineCab, tells Coldwell Banker Global Luxury. “Being a longtime enthusiast of wine, I wanted to create the perfect balance between innovation and design by introducing a product to enhance lives while narrowing the gap between consumers and advanced technologies. WineCab is about introducing robotics into the home in an organic way.”

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